Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday's Workday

Today started much like yesterday. We met at Adrianna's coffee shop for devotions, led by Joe, and prayed.  The group of four headed off to the Four Square Church to work with the missionaries.  The lessons went very well.  The missionaries appeared more at home with the four, and participation was excellent.  Dries and Dianne continued on preparing for their conference, and have made some significant progress.  On to the refining stage. The rest of the team members prayed, splitting into two groups: Spanish and English.

We had lunch at the Botanical Gardens, and enjoyed a slower afternoon gazing at the beautiful plants and creatures. The weather was perfect: warm sunshine with a slight breeze.  A relaxing well deserved break before we're back to work this evening.

After enjoying the gardens, we all headed back to the church for dinner and are presently preparing for tonight's ESL lesson.  Please pray for the teams as we strive to reach the goals Diego set out for us during our time here are:

1. To build relationships and to love and interact with people in the community.
2. To pray for the new church, El Redil Sur.
3. To teach English and reach new people.
4. To Encourage Jairo and Jennifer, Diego and Claudia.

Carlos, Janeth, Sofia, Juanita. The pastor family at El Redil Poblado where we are doing ESL this week.

Dianne van der Putten from Ottawa with a traditional meal


Iguana at botanical garden

Unique flower at botanical garden

The whole group