Sunday, January 22, 2012

Slow Saturday and Blessed Sunday

Today just a short posting to keep everyone up to date. We had our "off" Saturday and went to visit a village called Guatape about 2 hours away. It was a wonderful trip. The town itself is colourful and wonderful. We had a short boat trip on the lake and ate lunch on a small island. Afterwards we climbed the big Rock of Guatape. 659 steps in total to the top.

On Sunday we joined the Colombian Team in the first ever service of the Sabaneta (El Redil Sur) church for their inauguration. It was a blessed experience and was attended by about 80 - 90 persons. Many of the attendees were existing members that live in Sabaneta and had attended other El Redil churches up to now, but several new faces were noticed, some of them from the ESL classes. A number of non-believers showed up expressing interest in the church and to know more about God.

Updated information from Jairo indicates that about 70 persons has indicated an interest to join the Alpha course.

We heard about several individual accounts of people deciding for the Lord or at least expressing an interest to learn more.

We are getting ready to leave as I am typing this. We have greeted most of the Colombians and the departure will be sad, but we are all happy that we could have met them and worked with them. We are starting to leave our host homes from about 02:30 AM. So we all need a few hours sleep!

Please pray for safe travels.

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