Monday, January 16, 2012

Service Sunday

This has been a very busy Sunday with Dries and Dianne taking the service at La Mota, Gerald was at Thirty Three church and Rick preached at Envigata.  Each of the rest of us divided between the three locations.  All the chuches were filled to capacity.  The messages were well recieved by the various congregations and we all felt very welcomed in the services. 

We were transported back to El Poblado and headed off to lunch.  After lunch we returned and prepared for the english service at 5:00.  With little preperation, we relied on the Spirit to lead the service, and it turned out great!  Thanks for your prayers!

Rick and Nicole are back with the team in good health, however, Gerald is now under the weather, and Jen has been hanging on, doing well off and on.

Dries and Luc, and maybe Gerald if he's ok, will be meeting with some buisness men tomorrow morning.  They have questions about faith in the workplace.  Please pray for them. 

Prayer requests

1. Evaluation of our time up until now with a view of improvements for this week.  Meeting at noon Monday.
2. Health for the team.
3. 1st lesson of ESL Monday night at Centro Sabaneta,
4. Prepartation of 1st church service this week on Sunday.  A lot of preparation needed on the part of the Colombians and the Canadians.
5.  Pray for time to do the blog :)

The team all still love each other through all the ups and downs including the many hills going home at night :)

Pictures below:

Gerald preaching at Treinta y Tres

At Treinta y Tres

The Church at Treinta y Tres

Preparing for this week's ESL

Dries preaching at El Redil La Mota, with Natalia Alzate translating

Dianne preaching at La Mota

Christine, Efren, Martha, Natalia and Cesar relaxing after the service at La Mota

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