Saturday, January 14, 2012

Super Saturday

Today we worked ourselves to a standstill! We did the double session of ESL this morning, at Poblado, starting at 8AM until Noon. By now we have developed very good relationships with our students and participation in the lessons and games were really good. Even Santiago, one of Dries' students, which we thought would not last the week because of his shyness, his lack of English, lasted the whole week, and he was there today. We had a great time!
Joe gave his testimony today, talking about relationships, including in marriage. He talked about how especially men should make more of an effort to please their wife's. He related our relationships to Jesus' love for us and His commitment to us. This provided good opportunity for discussion at the tables.

After the "graduation ceremony" we had a beautiful lunch at Poblado prepared by the ladies of the church. They served a delicious Ajiaco soup with avocado.

In the afternoon the team was divided into two groups. One half went to El Pacifico to visit the daycare center there, in the poor neighborhood there. The other half went to Brazos Abiertos (Open Arms), a house for young unwed mothers and their babies. I reported it yesterday as an orphanage. Forgive me, as it was late at night. Both groups had a wonderful time to spend with some of the children and teenagers. At Brazos Abiertos the visited with some of the young mothers and had good discussions. At Pacifico we had opportunity to see the children sing and dance, we taught them a couple of new English songs and they watched a puppet show about God's Creation. Each child also received a blanket.

After the wild ride in the bus down from Pacifico (this barrio is high in the hills and the road is very steep, at times reaching a 30 degree incline - the buses are specially equipped with extra-low range gearboxes and large braking systems. Even then they have to change break pads about every two weeks), and meeting the other half of the team from Open Arms, some of us had worship practice for our church service at Poblado tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon, which will be held in English only.

But first, in the morning Rick, Dries and Dianne, and Gerald will be preaching/giving testimonies at morning services at three different churches.

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for Rick, Gerald, Dries and Dianne for clarity, for leading by the Spirit, for when they speak at the different churches in the morning.
2. Pray for our afternoon service in English
3. Pray for the teenage moms at Brazos Abierta and the children at Pacifico, that God will touch there lives and hearts, The He will bring a permanent change and that Jesus will become the King of there hearts.
4. Pray for the start of our ESL at Sabaneta starting on Monday. Pray that God will provide the right number of students, and that He will prepare their hearts for His Word.
5. Also pray for Gerald, Luc and Dries as they have to witness to a group of business men that meet on Monday morning at 6 AM.

Graduation! End of ESL in Poblado

At El Pacifico. Claudia talking to the kids

Teaching new song and moves

These kids are so great! They just want to touch you...

And they immediately creep into your heart!

The start of foundations of the first house of Menos Basura

Martha, which will be the first recipient of a recycled house. She is going to take care of six of the orphaned children that attend the Pacifico daycare center.

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