Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunny Sunday

Most of us got up this morning between 6:00 and 7:00 am.  Not bad for a late night.  It was sure nice sleeping laying flat  :)  Breakfast was anything from fresh fruit and juice, toast and cereal, and arapeas and eggs and cheese.  There was no shortage of food.  We went to church in El Pablado and met the Ottawa team for the first time.  There were two services, one at 9:00 and one at 11:00, which Rick led, and was translated by Phil Webb, who has been in Columbia for 28 years.  It was wonderful to reconnect with old friends from last year.  (music)

We then had a late lunch after which we went on a walk to the Metro Station to take the Metro Train for a ride through the city, and ride with the Metro-Cable, which is a cable car that serves on of the poorer barios  high up against and over the mountain.

Tonight was also the last night of the Festival of Lights. We took a walk through the streets to see the wonderful Christmas lights that is put up for the season. It is nothing short of amazing. The most lights you will ever see. We will post some pictures tomorrow once we have all the photos downloaded.

Tomorrow we start early with a general meeting to plan for ESL, which will then start on Tuesday. We will also meet the Colombian people who will help us with the ESL lessons and have a meeting and training session with them.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Please pray for the meetings tomorrow. Pray that our Father will provide the final insights and ideas needed to make ESL a great success. Keep in mind that we are trying to build bridges, encourage relationships, and that these may eventually lead to live saving knowledge of Christ.
  2. Also pray for the Colombian team joining us for ESL and that we will relate to them easily and that the teams will become one in Christ.
  3. Also pray for Nicole, one of our team and from Ottawa Green Belt. She has been sick on not feeling well.


  1. Thanks for the good updates. As to starting Tuesday, does this mean you are limited to only 4 ESL "bridge building" sessions this week?

  2. We will do a lesson on Saturday as well. The whole week shifted on by one day because of the holiday today (Monday). So, we will still have five. Thanks for the feedback!