Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Today we had a really busy day! We started again with a short devotion for the team this morning. We were all very tired last night, and were therfor allowed to sleep in for about 30min to an hour, depending how far we live from the Aves Maria Center, where we meet every morning.

Rick, Gerald, Eleanor and Jen continued today to give English lessons at the Four Squares Church in Sabaneta. This is in the morning from 10AM to Noon. During this time Dries and Dianne continued to prepare for the conference on relationships that happened tonight at 7PM. The rest of the team spent some time in prayer and then helped with drywalling, mudding and painting and other office work in the new church office here in the center, with Luc and Joe leading the charge.

At about 4PM the group left for Poblado to do the ESL there, starting at 7PM. Dries and Dianne stayed behind to present the Four Languages of Love conference in the Conference Center, at the Aves Maria mall here in Sabaneta. This went really well, with about 60-70 attendees. The speaking touched on the Five Languages of Love, but really focused more on a personal relationship with Jesus, and how that is essential for helping us to have good relationships with people. At the end of the conference about two thirds of the people stood up for prayer. Several individuals were counseled afterwards and prayed for. Praise God for answered prayers, He really was working through His Spirit.

Rick and Nicole did not join us tonight for any of the events as they were not feeling well, therefor our ESL team in Poblado was stretched thin.

1. Please pray for Rick and Nicole for healing and for them to feel better tomorrow. Pray that God will keep illness away from the rest of the team.
2. Pray that the whole team will get good sleep and enough rest.
3. Pray for the people who gave their hearts to Jesus at the conference tonight. Pray for those that are on the verge, or who are still searching.
4. Pray for the four person team who will teach a double session of ESL tomorrow at the Four Square Church in the morning. We will also do a double session on Saturday at Poblado.
5. Pray for Rick, Gerald and Dries. All three have been asked to preach at three different church locations on Sunday. With little time to prepare they will really need God's Spirit to work through and speak through them.

Below are some pictures of last night's ESL session at Poblado. It really went well and we are starting to build good relationships.


  1. Thanks for the excellent ministry report & daily prayer requests. They really make us, at home, feel like part of the team.

    It's terrific to hear how the Spirit of God is working through your efforts.

    1. Thanks Paul! Yes, we are having a blessed time! Even though we're tired, God is doing great things!