Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tuesday's Teaching

Today was a full day filled with new opportunities and experiences.  The Canadian teams met this morning for devotions and prayer early at Adrianas casa monarca coffee shop.  Rick, Eleanor, Gerald, and Jen then headed off to the Four Squares Church to present the first ESL lesson to the young missionaries in training.  Diane and Dreas prepared for the Five Love Languages conference for Thursday while the rest of us prayed with the Colombian team.  It was exciting to see some new Colombian's join us for the prayer time! 

After lunch there was some down time.  Most of us used this time to take in the culture of the city with a member of the Colombian team.  By 4:00, we were heading back to the Redil Chuch in Poblado to have dinner and prepare for ESL.  Between 65 and 70 Colombians attended.  With the help of may Colombian translators, it was incredibly successful.  Rick and Gerald led the evening, with David translating.  Luke shared his testimony, which brought much discussion within the small groups.

Prayer requests
Please pray for:
1. Rick, Eleanor, Gerald, and Jen as they continue to work with the Four Squares church.  They plan to meet each morning between 10:00 and 12:00.
2. Dreas and Dianne as they prepare for their conference.
3. Ina as she shares her testimony on Wednesday.
4. A continual increase in registration, as word spreads.
5. Building of relationships.
6. Encouragement for Diego and Claudia.

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  1. Thanks for your very helpful update. Wow, praise God Almighty for the excellent start to your ESL Ministry.