Friday, January 6, 2012

Soaring Through Seattle

We have finally made it to Seattle after a good drive through BC interior with good road conditions. However coming into Seattle everything slowed down to a snail pace due to the rush hour traffic.

We had two way radios in the cars and that helped us a lot with navigating while at the same time providing something for good humour and laughs on the way. Some code-names have been given to some people; "Bald eagle", Old Gofer", "Meerkat" to make communications absolutely clear!

Right now we are waiting in Seattle Airport for our flight at 23:50.

Just made it through security...yeah!

Rick frantically looking for something...may his passport?

We made it through too!

Wow! And were we hungry!

Brenda says the food has given her new strength

Los tres amigos
We had a bit of a scare while booking in, as they did not have "tickets" for us. We're not sure what that means, as we had documents indicating that we were booked, but after some stress and praying the lady at the counter was able to help us and we have our seats. Please pray that the rest of our flights and connections work out well.

Also pray that we may be able to get some rest on our way to Medellin.

So far the team members are doing well. Everybody is a bit tired, but in good spirits.

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  1. I've been in this airport. I'm really glad it went well after the scare. Crazy computers. Praying for you all.