Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thundering Tuesday

Last night we had total of 180 students come to study English and that did not include around 25 who were preregistered but didn't show up. Even though there were so many people the evening went extremely well with a lot of very positive feedback and the students wanting more. This a tremendous answer to prayer.

This morning all the ladies got together at Envigado church in their kitchen and where we were taught how to prepare a Colombian meal.  We prepared the total meal for the men who were busy preparing the new office of the church in Sabaneta, while Dries and Rick were making changes to our ESL lesson for tonight.  We learned to make arepas, pulled beef, guacamole, empanadas, patacones and salsa.  Even if we say it ourselves it was good and the men agreed.

We came back to thunder. lightening and heavy rain.  We returned to the centre where we sorted out all the material to accommodate the over 200 students which we may have this evening.  At this time we are having a short break before we meet with the Colombian facilitators for prayer.

1. Dianne and the rest of the team are healthy.
2. The successful start to our ESL in Sabaneta.

1.  Prayer for the relationships as they develop at each table.
2. Clarity and good communication and enjoyment between all participants.
3. Pray for good weather as the rain storms may keep people at home.
4. Pray for individual testimonies -Jen tonight.
5. General health of team and Colombian facilitator.

The table laid out after the women were taught how to prepare a Colombian meal. Good job girls!

Arepas and Queso (Cheese) in the foreground

Fried flattened plantains and guacamole!

Diego having his share, and enjoying it!

ESL tonight. Look at the crowd!

The students, and instructors playing a mingling game. Feedback was great!

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