Friday, January 13, 2012

Fantastic Friday!

Today started with a bang for the Gang of Four (Rick, Gerald, Eleanor and Jen). They had to be up early for an early start to their last day at the Four Squares Church in Sabaneta. Here they were teaching a group of about 20 young missionaries some English (ESL). They had a wonderful time with this enthusiastic group and was treated with a big lunch at the end of the morning. Fruitful relationships were built here and we pray that this will grow into the future.
The Four Squares Church is an existing Evangelical church here in Sabaneta. El Redil is now planting a new church here as well, and this week long ESL session was sort of a gift from El Redil to Four Squares, in the hope of maintaining good relationships and cooperation.

The rest of the team spent most of the morning in prayer at the Commercial Center in Sabaneta. Some of us continued to help with drywall sanding and mudding in the new office for El Redil Sur (south).

This afternoon most of us went out into the streets of Sabaneta to meet people, hand out flyers and talk to them, inviting them to Vive el Ingles (Live the English), which is the ESL that we are presenting here at the Commercial Center starting next week Monday. It is amazing to notice the difference between Canadians and Colombians when it come to accepting flyers. Here almost 90% of people accept the flyer gladly and would even say thank you! I guess we got so used to be bombarded with flyers and junk-mail in Canada that we just don't want to see any more. We even had one person sign on for the ESL right on the street. He wanted to pay right there and then and we took his name and money and he is now registered!

We had some more feedback from last nights ESL today. The session went very well and the students are building great relationships with the teachers at the tables as well as with each other.

There was also more detailed feedback from the Conference about The Five Love Languages from last night. The confirmed number of attendees was 85. Of these, Diego tells us, about half were unbelievers. Like we mentioned i1n yesterday's report, almost 90% of the total number stood up to pray when we did a prayer of salvation! Many also came forward afterwards for further counseling and prayer.

Rick was feeling better today, thanks to everybody's prayers and is almost back to full energy (Hughh! Now we have to give him something again to make him sick again... just kidding!)
Nicole was feeling a bit better today, but she spent the day at her home to continue to recover.

Tonight Rick is preaching at the Poblado church. They have a regular Friday service. Tonight's service will be translated. Some of the team member are there with him, the rest are trying to have an early night, as we are all up again and out to ESL at about 6AM tomorrow. We have a double session tomorrow. In the afternoon the group will split in two, with one half visiting El Pacifico, a center for poor children in one of the poor barrios in the hills around the city. This is also the first area where El Redil is starting to build houses using plastic bottles. The first house is going to a house mother who will be taking care of a number of orphan children. Visit: to find out more. Tania Cardona (Diego's daughter), and Claudia Cardona (Diego's wife) has been taking the lead on this for some time. The other half will go to Brazos Abierto (Open Arms), an orphanage.

Prayer Requests:
1. Continue to pray for Nicole, for healing and full energy. Continue to pray for the health of the whole team.
2. For our double session of ESL on Saturday.
3. For our visits to the orphanage and Pacifico, pray that we can in some way touch the hearts of the children with God's Message for them.
4. Continue to pray for Sunday, when the team will divide into three groups to visit different churches of El Redil (Envigado, La Mota and Treinta y Tres) to preach and worship with the locals.

Brenda enjoying a traditional Colombian meal

Diego Cardona

Christine having a House Salad

Ensalada de la Casa

One of the missionary-in-training ESL students drew this

Jennifer Alsina, Jairo's wife handing out flyers

Walking the streets of Sabaneta handing out flyers

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