Friday, January 20, 2012

Final Friday

Today has been two weeks since we started this journey to Colombia. It feels like only a few days has passed. We were so busy and engaged in what we were doing that the time literally flew past.

In the morning we went up to a lookout on one of the mountains overlooking the city of Sabaneta and the whole of Medellin. Here we had some time to relax and lunch. After lunch we prayer from there over the city, claiming God's Kingship and authority over it. We blessed Diego, Jairo and their spouses by symbolically helping them raise their arms over the city while we prayed. We were reminded how Moses was helped and how the Israelites were able to win the battle against their enemy.

Tonight we had our final ESL session in Sabaneta. We continued to serve about 160 students. The students really enjoyed the classes and today it was clear that we developed good relationships with them. As their English has been improving we saw more and more how they opened up spiritually.

Diego made a bold move tonight by having us present the Gospel to our students. This was well received. A number of Colombians wanted prayer afterwards. The students were asked to fill out evaluation sheets afterwards and a quick scan of one table did not show any negative comments. In fact, almost all asked for more Vive El Ingles. Most asked for a longer course. It looks like they really appreciate our effort and methodology.

According to Jairo 65 persons were interested in attending the Alpha Course. Praise God! All the students received a Billy Graham Booklet which explains the Gospel in a concise way. They also received information about how to go about connecting with El Redil Sur.

Tomorrow (Saturday) we have a free day and are going to visit a nearby village.

1. Praise God for the wonderful way we were able to do ESL this week and the good way it was concluded.
2. Thank Him for the new relationships formed.
3. Praise Him that we could openly share his Word and witness for Him.
4. For open hearts to at least hear His Word.
5. For the 65 persons who indicated that they wanted to join the Alpha course.

1. For Sunday's first worship service here in Sabaneta of El Redil Sur. Pray for Jairo and Jennifer as they lead this new church. Pray for Diego and Claudia as they support Jairo and Jennifer in the initial stages.
2. Pray for Rick as he is delivering the first message in the new congregation. Even though it is not an open invitation to everybody yet, it appears that several new people may attend the first service. The official first open service will be on Febr 12.
3. Pray for the team as we are starting to prepare to return home. It will be a sad goodbye.

Getting ready to pray over the city

The Canadian and Colombian Team Members after tonight's ESL

Some of the students after receiving their sertificates

One of the ESL tables during break time.

Rick and Martha Alvarez, one of our hosts.

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  1. What a blessing this mission has been! It's been a privilege to pray with you all. Thanks for the updates & the many photos.