Monday, January 16, 2012

Midway Monday

Today is the start of our second work week here in Medellin. Gerald, Dries and Luc had to get up early to be at Poblado at 6AM for a meeting with a group of business persons. This group had their first meeting of the year after the December holidays. It is a group of Christian or Seeker persons who have a regular weekly meeting talking about God and the things of God. We were asked to witness to them as there is a large number of people who live their "Christian" life on Sunday, going to church, but then are "free" to do what they want during the week. Also, they wanted to hear how we integrate our faith with our daily work and ordinary lives. There were 19 people there and we had a good opportunity to witness and talk to them about our lives, our work and how our faith in Christ influences our work, our relationships at work and our ethics. Gerald shared about us as Christians being the "salt" in this world. How we need to be the preservative, the flavour in this world.

The rest of the morning was spent doing some shopping for gifts to take back home to our families. Some of us went to downtown Medellin to a gift market, the others walked in downtown Sabaneta in the old part of the city. The women went to see the food market.  It was interesting to see bags and crates full of all the different fruits and vegetables. Then they headed to the mall for something to eat.

After lunch, we all met together to debrief last week's lessons and look for ways that we can improve our performance.  We are presently preparing for our ESL lessons.  This entails setting up and getting organized in a new location.  There will be, to date, 170 people at ESL this week which includes both students and teachers.  Please pray for us, that we may be able to reach each and everyone.

Dianne is now feeling under the weather.  Please continue to pray for continued health and strength of all the teams.

Prayer requests:
1. Pray that we may reach each and everyone at the lessons. 
2. We are praying for God to provide just the right number of students, as 170 is more than we had expected. Pray that all goes well.
3. Pray that God will open the hearts of the students that attend this week, that the seeds of the gospel will be planted.
4. Please pray for continued health for the team members, especially Dianne, as she is not well.


uchuva (gooseberries)

guajaba (guava)




taxi ride to the market

Diego and Tania having ice cream for lunch


  1. Please know how much we appreciate the efforts that you are putting into your blog.

    We are aware of how busy you all are, but your excellent daily reports, prayer requests & photos make us all feel very much part of your ministry team.

  2. Thank you for your daily updates, photos and prayer requests.